Information for Minnesotan judges

This year, MAGC is swapping judging duties with NC3C — "the MAGC of North Carolina." Sometime between February 10 and 24, MAGC's judges will receive a welcome email from NC3C indicating which categories they have been assigned. Judging will take place February 24 – March 6*. Please complete your judging duties as soon as you are able.

*Note: the original start and end dates for judging were a week earlier than what's now listed above. NC3C extended its entry period by a week, resulting in the change.

Benefits of judging

  • $5 contest entry discount:  Judges can get 5 bucks off each entry they submit in this year's contest.
  • $10 award ceremony discount: Judges get a discount on their ticket to the awards ceremony in May.
  • See what other organizations are doing: Judging may inspire you, and it may validate the work you’ve been doing.
  • Contribute to MAGC's success: Serving as a judge is a critical function that takes a lot of people. It's an easy way to help out as an MAGC member. 

Judges must...

  • Have at least two years of professional experience in the categories they judge.
  • Agree to review all submissions assigned to them before the stated deadline.

The time commitment to be a judge depends on the number of entries in the category you will be judging. Last year, most categories received between 3 and 8 entries. We ask judges to offer thoughtful comments about each entry, so it's not uncommon for judging all entries in a category to take a couple of hours.

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