Information for Minnesotan Judges

Volunteering as a judge is a wonderful opportunity to see what other organizations are doing and how they are doing it. Judging may inspire you, and it may validate the work you’ve been doing.

The time commitment depends on the number of entries in the category you will be judging. Last year, most categories received between 3 and 8 entries. We ask judges to offer thoughtful comments about each entry, so it's not uncommon for judging all entries in a category to take a couple of hours.

You'll be Judging Entries from North Carolina

This year, MAGC is swapping judging duties with NC3C, a government communicators association in North Carolina, or as we like to say, the MAGC of NC. 

This means you are allowed judge a category you’re an expert in—no need to worry that you can't judge a category because your organization has an entry in that category. Nice. 

And you’ll get a bunch of fresh ideas from another part of the country.

One other perk—judges get a $5 discount on their contest entry fees and a $10 discount on their ticket to the awards banquet!

Judges must...

  • Have at least three years professional experience in the categories they judge.
  • Be available to review all the submissions in their category by the deadline.

Assignments will be sent out in the first half of February and judging must be completed by February 28.

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