Jordan Gilgenbach 


City of Minneapolis

Current Position and how long

Digital Communications Coordinator/Social Media Officer - 5 years

Other experience: Professional, communications, education or anything else you'd like to share

Current MAGC Vice President (2020-2021), Communications Coordinator (City of Edina 2011-2016), BA Mass Communications (MNSU Mankato 2007-2010)

Why do you want to be a Minnesota Association of Government Communicators board member?

I strongly believe in the value of membership to professional organizations, from networking to professional development. However, a membership is only as valuable as the engagement of members is strong. The longevity of an organization like MAGC is contingent on high-quality programming and networking members are interested in. The pandemic has thrown us all a huge curve ball, but has also provided MAGC with an opportunity as a member organization to provide more programming opportunities virtually and for free to current members. If re-elected, I'd love to work to continue this virtual free-for-members programming into the future. Having the opportunity to hear from peers and colleagues is so valuable -- learning new skills and tips, hearing case studies, validating and confirming the working you're doing, networking and exchanging ideas with colleagues across the state at all levels of government, etc. 

What qualities and attributes will you bring to the organization?

I believe I have a strong perspective to bring through an understanding of the work, workloads and personal and professional struggles we deal with daily. Representing the state's largest municipality, I bring with additional perspective on legal and perceptional communication risks that many smaller cities may not have to deal with often. As well as trying to balance this while questioning the status quo of traditional government communications. 

What do you consider to be the major issues facing government communicators today?

I think one of the biggest issue facing us today is the public's expectations of government communications versus the expectations of government leadership. There is often a disconnect from those who set budget and staffing levels in that they often don't understand the public's wants and needs, and how that impacts our work. It's more than writing articles, news releases and making videos. We are on the front lines, communicating and engaging with large and small audiences on topics of all shapes and sizes in all different mediums.

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