Jenna Bowman 


City of Rochester

Current Position and how long

Communications & Engagement Manager/Interim Communications Director - Since July 2018

Other experience: Professional, communications, education or anything else you'd like to share

Digital Communications, Change Management, Organizational Branding, Special Events, Lead Public Information Officer, Community Engagement, Website Development, Emergency Operations, and Non-Profit Management 

Why do you want to be a Minnesota Association of Government Communicators board member?

I would like to serve on the MAGC Board of Directors because I believe having a voice on the board from outside of the metro area is important.  This means specifically being a voice for current members or potential members who are outside of that area - many who seek connection with others or through opportunities - but do not have a close network because of geography.  

What qualities and attributes will you bring to the organization?

Top 5 CliftonStrengths - Arranger | Strategic | Ideation | Individualization | Responsibility 

What do you consider to be the major issues facing government communicators today?

There are numerous issues facing government communications - I specifically think time, capacity and financial resources are the top three.  Many of us are teams of one - we are working as hard as we can to do high level work - while also completing meaningful day to day tasks. 

We are asked to be knowledgeable in most all areas and topics in our communities - while working with limited or no budget. We seek to use the best information and resources - but try to balance that with the need to get things done.  

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