Ashley Klemmer


City of Bloomington

Current Position and how long

Communications Specialist - 4 years

Other experience: Professional, communications, education or anything else you'd like to share

I've been immersed in storytelling, reporting and crafting creative messages as long as I can remember. I started my career almost eight years ago at a small-town daily newspaper editing obituaries and wedding announcements and writing a few stories a week for print. I was promoted to staff writer a few months later. In that position I wrote, photographed and posted 10 stories a week on daily deadline. I always say it was the best first job I could've had fresh out of college for three reasons: 1. I had to be fast. 2. I had to be right. 3. I had to build trust and relationships quickly.

Why do you want to be a Minnesota Association of Government Communicators board member?

As an MAGC member and volunteer, I can personally attest to how beneficial this organization has been to my professional development since I joined. I've gained useful insights at MAGC workshops and annual fall conferences. I've seen examples of innovation and exceptional creativity in the winning projects at the annual Northern Lights Awards. And I've made valuable connections with communications colleagues from across the state. I want to do my part to give back to the organization so it can continue to benefit communications professionals for years to come and become even stronger, more vibrant and more useful to its members.

What qualities and attributes will you bring to the organization?

I aim to bring a warm, friendly attitude and enthusiasm to everything I do. I'm reliable and feel a strong responsibility to follow through on commitments. I strive to perform at a high level. I look for solutions that serve the greater good. I am determined, persistent and not afraid to take on my share of the work at hand. I encourage respect for individual perspectives while making decisions. I'm always looking for opportunities to grow and learn new things.

What do you consider to be the major issues facing government communicators today?

I think one of the biggest challenges facing government communicators everywhere is balancing the public's expectation of total transparency with leadership's willingness or ability to be completely open.

Even in the best-case scenario, communications staff can find themselves caught in the middle if they aren't looped in from the very beginning on the big projects happening in their organizations. It's true that in every communications department there will be proactive messaging and reactive messaging. Being as proactive as possible is, of course, the best route to building public trust and making sure everyone has the information they want and need.

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